Nepal flag Development projects of Hewa (Yawa)
formerly Taksindu VDC 6, Solukhumbu, Nepal
now part of Solududhkunda Municipality 1

Village school

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illage centre
Village school
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There had been a small primary school in the village since the 1970s. At that time, it had two classrooms with hardly any furnitures, no blackboards, no tables, no other equipment. The rooms not even had doors and window panes. There were three teachers who had been sent there by the government from far away dictricts. They used to stay for a few years only and never tried to understand Sherpa language, i.e. the mother tongue of the children that was generally used by them instead of the national language Nepali. There was not even a small building where the teachers could live during their stay in the village. So, they built a small room with corrugated sheet from the school building. As a consequence, parts of the school building even lacked a roof.

In 2001/2, the French NGO Népal et vous financed the construction of new school buildings with 5 classrooms, a teacher's room, a separate building where the teachers can stay, and two separate toilets for girls and boys. Népal et vous regularly visits the projects, pays for necessary repairs (so also after the 2015 earthquake) and improves the school's equipment.

Greater changes in the national education system have been introduced in 2016. Now, the primary level has been extended uo to class VIII. The government has announced that it will add another building to the school complex. Nothing has happened so far. The declining number of students may also have been a reason for this.

The schoolyard of Hewa primary school (Source of all photos: Tsak Sherpa)
The school has been constructed by Association Népal et vous
Students in front of the classroom building in 2011
Jean Pierre Mercier
Népal et vous team at school
Jean Pierre Mercier, late president of Népal et vous, in the village in 2011
A group of Népal et vous at the village school in 2012. See also slideshow on this visit

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