Nepal flag Development projects of Hewa (Yawa)
formerly Taksindu VDC 6, Solukhumbu, Nepal
now part of Solududhkunda Municipality 1

Trekking route to Khumbu

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Bridges accross Hewa Khola
Health Centre
Old-age home

Reconstruction of houses
Road from Chhulemu
Trekking route to Khumbu
illage centre
Village school
Waste management
Water supply
In recent years, HSCC has started to organise the construction of an alternative trekking path towards Pharak and Khumbu. For some time, there had been quarrels with the villages along the traditional way from Taksindu via Nuthala to Kharikhola, on the other side of the Dudh Kosi. The construction of the road from Taksindu to Pharak seems to have put oil on troubled waters.

The alternative path from Hewa still needs some bridges on its way to Pharak. It may have good chances to fill the gap after the traditional route will lose its value for trekkers when the road is used by vehicles.

There is good hope that the alternative trekking route will bring tourists to Hewa and other villages along the route. This could bring new means to earn a living for the villagers.

The number of visitors to Hewa has been steadily growing in recent years and the path to Akang has also been improved but the trekking route plans tp Khumbu could not be implemented until 2019

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