Nepal flag Development projects of Hewa (Yawa)
formerly Taksindu VDC 6, Solukhumbu, Nepal
now part of Solududhkunda Municipality 1


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Bridges accross Hewa Khola
Health Centre
Old-age home

Reconstruction of houses
Road from Chhulemu
Trecking route to Khumbu
illage centre
Village school
Waste management
Water supply
Lhakpa Doma Sherpa is trying to initiate the construction of a fishpond in Hewa. Her brother, Dawa Sherpa, is interested to follow her advise. A place for this pond has been picked on Dawa's ground in December 2015. So far, there have been some objections from the village people. So, the implementation of this project could not start until 2019. The consumption of fish is becoming more and more popular in Nepal and Sherpas may also be interested. The problem is that Sherpas do not like to kill fish. Probably a lot of persuading has to be done. Fish would be a good nutritional supplement.

The spring of the suggested fishpond (Source: Tsak Sherpa)

See video: Searching a place for a fishpond in Hewa (December 2015)

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