Nepal flag Hewa (Yawa)
Solududhkunda Municipality 1 (formerly Taksindu VDC 6),  Solukhumbu, Nepal

Shree Hewa Socio-Cultural Community (HSCC)

(Shree Hewa Samajik-Sanskritik Sanstha)

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Shree Hewa Socio-Cultural Community (HSCC) [Shree Hewa Samajik Sanskritik Sanstha] has been founded in 2013. It is registered with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) in Kathmandu under the number 406 as a non-profit oriented NGO. Before this, the organisation had been active for several years without registration under the name Hewa Youth Club.

The HSCC is the initiative a young Sherpas from Yawa and Siteling, two villages of former Taksindu VDC in Solukhumbu (see more information on the village). Some of them have found their way of living in Kathmandu while others still stay in the home villages. But also those in Kathmandu maintain very close relations to their villages in the mountains. They have the intention not only to support their families and relatives in the villages but also to help developing their living conditions in a sustainable way.

The predecessor organization of HSCC has in the past already implemented a number of projects in cooperation with the French NGO "Népal et yous" that has been extremely helpful for the villages by providing the necessary financial support and expertise. So, the primary school of Hewa could be reconstructed with five classrooms. Water supply for all houses of Hewa and Siteling has been installed. A small power station has been built on the opposite mountain slope
near Nunthala (Sherpa: Manidingma) where the VDC aministration had been placed. It produces enough power for the surrounding villages. Finally, a suspension bridge across the Hewa Khola (Hewa river) has been constructed by the French NGO that makes the children's way to the secondary school in Nunthala shorter and safer.

Starting in 2015, the HSCC has been trying to extend and improve the small mountain path from Taksindu via Chhulemo, Hewa, Siteling and Akang towards Khumbu. The intention is to provide an alternative trekking route to the Everest region, especially since the traditional route via Nunthala has partly been turned into a motorable road in recent years. The inproved trekking path via Akang could help the villages along this way to improve their living conditions if trekking tourists can be attracted to use this route.

In 2016, the HSCC has started to construct a community centre in Hewa (see project). The German-Nepal Friendship Association (Deutsch-Nepalische Gesellschaft, DNG) has been a partner in this project. It's construction has been supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation.

Another project started by HSCC in 2016 is related to the reconstruction of houses in Hewa and Siteling that have been destroyed or heavily damaged by the earthquakes of 2015. Twenty per cent of the houses have been declared as uninhabitable by the government. Another 25 per cent of the buildings have been heavily damaged. This reconstruction project is supported by the German NGO Verein Nepal-Inzlingen as well as its partner organisation Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal. Verein Nepal Inzlingen has got financial support for this reconstruction project from the Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung, Krefeld (FBS).

Another project of HSCC in cooperation with these two German NGOs and kind support by FBS has been the construction  of a kindergarten. Its foundation stone has been laid in March 2019. The kindergarten shall be inaugurated in November 2019 when representatives of the two NGOs will visit Hewa.

Hewa Socio-Cultural Committee (HSCC)
Taksindu 6 (Hewa), Solukhumbu, Nepal
Mobile: +977-1-38690066 (Rinji Phurwa Sherpa)

Contact person (Kathmandu): Chhiri Tendi Sherpa
G.P.O. Box 9239, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel.: +977-1-4823172
Mobile: +977-1-9841212248

Committee (as elected on 1 December 2015):
President: Mr. Chhiri Tendi Sherpa
Vice- President: Mr. Chhapte Sherpa
General Secretary: Mr. Rinji Phurwa Sherpa
Secretary: Mr. Gyalzen Sherpa (Khapa)
Treasure: Mr. Ngima Nuru Sherpa
Mr. Pasang Sherpa
Mr. Ngawa Sherpa
Ms. Chhiki Sherpa
Ms. Lhakpa Doma Sherpa
Mr. Pasang Sherpa
Mr. Kanchha Lama Sherpa
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