Nepal flag Development projects of Hewa (Yawa)
formerly Taksindu VDC 6, Solukhumbu, Nepal
now part of Solududhkunda Municipality 1

Village Community Centre

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Project goals: The project has three goals. First, the villagers get a place where they can practise their culture and festivals and where they can cultivate the life of the village community. Secondly, the infrastructure of the village and the leisure activities of the villagers get further improved (installation of lavatories and showers, meeting rooms for the village elders, a small library and a computer room). Thirdly, the economic opportunities of the villagers can be extended by attracting trekking tourists to the village (alternative trekking route towards Everest, guestrooms for trekking tourists).

stone transport
Porters transporting stones to the construction ground. See slideshow on visit by Uwe Hens, treasurer of DNG, in September 2015
Carpenters preparing wooden beams

Description of the project: The land on which the project has been constructed belongs to HSCC. It measures about 5 Ropani, i.e. about 2.500 sqm. The project has two buildings. Both have two storeys. The main building has a size of about 15x12 metres. The ground floor of this building will serve as meeting hall for the village people who will use it for diverse purposes. In the upper floor, there will be four rooms which shall be used as library, computer room, lavatory and administrative room respectively.

The smaller building has a size of 12x6 metres. There is a kitchen, a dining room and a storeroom in the ground floor. Upstairs are guest rooms, lavatories, showers and an indoor toilet. In addition, two outdoor toilets will be attached as they are typical for private houses in the village nowadays.

Groundwork of the village centre project. See also videos of cornerstone ceremony: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, as well as video of first construction work

Design of the buildings: The buildings are solid stone houses as they are typical for this high mountain area. They have corrugated-iron roofs as it is normal for new houses in the village. The main building with the assembly hall has a big door and two big windows. Besides, the buildings have a number of smaller windows. All doors and windows have been made of wood and were locally manufactured. The assembly hall, in addition, has a a steel girder that has been brought from Kathmandu.

A lot of the construction work has been done by the village population on a voluntary basis. This has also included some of the handicraft work. Many villagers have intensive experience in the construction of houses, since most of the village houses have been constructed in a similar way with neighbourly help.

centre construction 1
centre construction 2
Construction work at the village centre project in 2016; see also videos part 1 and part 2

Funding: The construction of the procect became possible thanks to the help of the German Nepal Friendship Association (Deutsch-Nepalische Gesellschaft, DNG) that financed 85 per cent of the costs, partly supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation. The remaining money has been collected by HSCC in form of donations in the village as well as in Kathmandu. All in all, the costs were about 65.000 Euro. The final completion of the project has only been possible by additional donations from the local population as well as allowances from the provial and local administration.

State of the project: The raw construction of the two buildings had been completed in July 2016. The painting of the buildings has been applied in 2019. The interior construction is still underway and there is good hope that the wole project can be completed soon.

main building
kitchen building
The main project building after completion
The kitchen building that will have guest rooms on the upper floor

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