Nepal flag Development projects of Hewa (Yawa)
formerly Taksindu VDC 6, Solukhumbu, Nepal
now part of Solududhkunda Municipality 1

Reconstruction of houses

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Bridges accross Hewa Khola
Health Centre
Old-age home

Reconstruction of houses
Road from Chhulemu
Trecking route to Khumbu
illage centre
Village school
Waste management
Water supply
Hewa has been heavily affected by the earthquakes of April and May 2015. 10 of the 54 houses of the village have become uninhabitable. 14 other houses have been badly damaged. These damages have been certified by the government but the support moyey for reconstruction (300.000 Rs per house) have only partly arrived so far. Thanks to the financial support from Verein Nepal-Inzlingen, Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal and funding by Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung the reconstruction and repair of all damaged houses of the village will nevertheless be completed until the end of 2019. The organisation of this reconstruction has been completely in the hands of HSCC.
uninhabitable house 1
uninhabitable house 2
The uninhabitable house of Chhiki and Lhakpa Sherpa
Phuri Sherpa in front of destroyed house (Source of all Photos: Klaus Bender)
emergency shelter 1
emergency shelter 2
Emergency shelters of earthquake victims in Hewa (Source: Tsak Sherpa)

Lhakpa Doma Sherpa and her husband Karl-Heinz Krämer started an emergency aid campaign for Hewa shortly after the earthquakes. They were supported by a number of friends and the two German organisations Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal and Deutsch-Nepalische Gesellschaft. The donated money has been distributed to the affected families by Chhiri Tendi Sherpa in June 2015.

In late 2015, Verein Nepal-Inzlingen and Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal in a common intiative got a sponsorship by Fürsorge- and Bildungsstiftung for the reconstruction of the destroyed and damaged houses of the village, with Verein Nepal-Inzlingen being in charge. In 2015 and 2016, the German foundation supports the reconstruction and repair of the houses with 132.000 Euro. The affected families do not get the money directly. The materials are collectively bought and transported by HSCC. This organisation also pays the wages of the labourers from the sponsored money. HSCC
also takes care of a quakeproof way of construction. In addition, it is planned to participate a German architect through Senior Experten Service (SES) in 2017.

The first three totally damaged houses have already been reconstructed in 2016, the reconstruction of four other houses shall be completed before monsoon 2017. The 14 heavily damaged houses will be repaired in parallel to these reconstructions in 2017.

reconstructed house 1
reconstructed house 2
The reconstructed house of Lhami and Pemba Sherpa
The reconstructed house of Gelu Sherpa

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