Nepal flag The village of Hewa (Yawa)
Taksindu VDC 6, Solukhumbu, Nepal


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Following are a number of vidoes that show either the area of Hewa or cultural events that have taken place at Hewa in recent years. One of the outstanding yearly events is Losar, the New Year festival of the Sherpas, which normally falls on the new moon day of February.

Work on the Yawa village centre project (April-July 2016), Construction work (28/02/2016), Construction work (16/06/2016)
High above Taksindu (01/05/2016)
On the road between Kathmandu and Solu (April 2016)
Flight by helicopter from Yawa to Phaplu (March 2016)
Taksindu (February 2016)
Cornerstone celebration for new village centre building at Hewa; part 2, part 3, part 4 (22/02/2016)
Losar dance at Yawa (21/02/2016), Losar dance at Yawa, part 2 (21/02/2016)

Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Hewa, 3 December 2015)
Visit to Hewa in December 2015: Panoramic view from Hewa; Searching the place for a pond in Dawa's fields

Visit to Solukhumbu in September 2015, by Uwe Hens: Dance at Hewa school, Hewa and surrounding landscape from Chhulemo, Phaplu airport
Relief distribution in Hewa, July 2015
Hewa panoramic view, July 2015
Hewa cracks after earthquake, July 2015
Taksindu Sherpa Losar at Bauddha, 23 March 2015

Hewa Lapso Puja 2013

Welcome at Shiteling: Panoramic view, March 2011
Dancing after arrival,
Siteling, March 2011
Sherpa dance presentations
on the eve of the marriage of Chhiki Sherpa, Siteling, March 2011
Dances on 2nd day of Chhiki's marriage, Siteling, March 2011

Working in the kitchen, Shiteling, March 2011
Yawa Khola valley, viewed from the place of the future cultural centre, March 2011
Yawa and the hills behind: The panoramic view starts from the classroom building of Yawa school
Panoramic view of Yawa sub-metropolitan city (nowadays Hewa) taken from the site of the future cultural centre during Losar, March 2011
Losar celebration at Yawa, March 2011

Scenes from Losar celebration at Yawa, February 2010

Nyingthik Tsaksum Wang, Taksindu, December 2006

Opening ceremony of newly extended Takshindu monastery with donation of Tenjur books, May 16, 2003 : part 1, part 2

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